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Benjamin’s latest vet visit

Benjamin has been restricted to the bedroom since his surgery and has managed to move around well enough with his ‘pet stairs’ from Aldi (which I filled with books to make them stable enough) and his (often stinky) litter tray (never miss having a litter tray in the house!)

On the possible further surgery day, the vets assessed Benjamin and decided he was moving about quite well and may not need the full head ostectomy after all which would be great!  So we came home to trial Benjamin being allowed outside of the bedroom (but not outdoors outside) and although Benjamin was desperate to get out of those 4 walls, it was not so kind on his hip.  He can now move very fast (so we called him ninja!) but only for short bursts after which he lays down and growls and hisses at himself – I then pick him up and put him back in the bedroom and he settles for a sleep.

As I was concerned he was in pain, I took him back to see the vet and we have started him on pain relief for a few days to see how he fairs.  It may be that the pain is more of a discomfort which will pass as he gets more used to moving around in a larger area, or it may be that the ostectomy will have to go ahead for his on and off (or more accurately in and out) hip dislocation.

That is where we are now – a few days of PR and then re-assess.  Benjamin is so desperate to go outdoors, and his hiding at doorways in the hope of making an escape.  I have taken him outside, closely supervised, for ten minutes and he just sat and washed himself and sunbathed for a bit before I brought him back inside.

We will see what the following days bring, hopefully some good news for the giant grey fella who just wants to go back to his old midnight stomping ground, but sadly I don’t think he ever will have such freedom again.

2 thoughts on “Benjamin’s latest vet visit”

  1. Awwww. When you said that he hissed at himself from the pain it just broke my heart, I can’t even imagine how YOU felt! We have our paws crossed that the pain management routine will help avoid the surgery.

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